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Areas, or portals, are portals that you can travel through which can contain obbies, and other islands.


Portal Requirements/Cost
Normal Free
Vip 700 Robux
Obbies 500 - 4,000,000 Total Scoops
Halloween (Unavailable) 1 Rebirth
Sky Land 10 Rebirths
Airship (In Sky Land) 500 Rebirths
Secret Rebirth Leaderboard 2,000 Rebirths
Freezeville (In Airship) 25,000 Rebirths
Underworld (In Freezeville - Normal) 100,000 Rebirths
Toy Land (In Normal) 300,000 Rebirths
Winter Zone (In Normal) 1,000,000 Rebirths
New Year (In Normal) 10,000,000 Rebirths