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Welcome to the Ice Cream Simulator Wiki. In this page, you can find out codes that will help you at Ice Cream Simulator. Please make sure you have redeemed that code and it's not on the list yet. for Roblox Group codes


If your code doesn't work it can be one of several problems...

  • Incorrect spelling

Check spelling carefully and type exactly as shown on the table

  • Incorrect Capitalization

All the codes have no capital letters and is all lower case, make sure to check this

  • Already Redeemed

You may have already redeemed the code and this is shown be the reply message

  • Code Expired

If you have tried all the above and your code does not work, please contact us to check if it has expired

  • Places to get Codes

To find codes and place them on the list, you can go to am_brick's group Buck-A-Boo Games on the group wall, go to am_brick's Twitter @am_brick1 in his tweets, you can find advertisements on the Roblox page showing codes to redeem, and some YouTubers may have special codes in their videos, like TeraBrite Games for example, has her special code "brites."

Total Reward

This is the Total Reward from all Valid Codes. When you update the codes update this as well. Do not add the Total Reward for the Invalid Codes. If you find any mistakes in the Total Reward, please change this. If any new currencies are in the game, please also add it in the Total Reward. Delete any currencies that are no longer in the game.

Total Reward
Coins -
Icon (2).png
Total scoops -
Icon (8).png
Tokens -
Icon (1).png
Gems -
Icon (3).png
Air Tokens -
Icon (5).png
Candy Canes -
Icon (7).png
Rebirths -
Icon (4).png
Super Rebirths -
Icon (6).png

List of Codes

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Status Code Name Reward of Code
Valid toxicity 25 Super Rebirths
Invalid infernoid 10 Super Rebirths
Valid surprised 15000 Candy Canes
Valid jan1 20 Super Rebirths
Valid toybag 10 Super Rebirths
Valid festive2018 10000 Candy Canes
Valid newyear 10000 Candy Canes
Valid letsgo2019 10 Super Rebirths
Valid xmasisover 5 Super Rebirths
Valid rainbowpets 10 Super Rebirths
Valid thanks4playing 10000 Candy Canes
Valid iceroad 10 Super Rebirths
Valid magicsanta 5000 Candy Canes
Valid canes666 5000 Candy Canes
Valid fireplace 5 Super Rebirths
Valid xmas 5 Super Rebirths
Valid stillsick 10 Super Rebirths
Valid flu 500 Candy Canes
Valid winterbreak 500 Candy Canes
Valid noschool 250 Candy Canes
Valid coldscoop 250 Candy Canes
Valid adjustcandy 500 Candy Canes
Valid holidays 500 Candy Canes
Valid bestfans 2 Super Rebirths
Valid morecodes 100,000 Tokens
Valid treasure 50,000 Gems
Valid easy 50000 Coins
Vaild shadows 50000 Tokens
Vaild lowprices 25000 Tokens
Vaild nolick 2 Rebirths
Valid younoob 2 Rebirths
Valid sorry4 10 Rebirths
Valid sorry5 5 Super Rebirths
Valid sorry6 100,000 Tokens
Valid cold 25,000 Air Tokens
Valid ink 30,000 Gems
Valid airship 2 Super Rebirths
Valid bigair 5,000 Tokens
Valid bigthanks 10,000 Gems
Valid booya 15,000 Gems
Valid brites 2,000 Air Tokens
Valid coney 1,000 Tokens
Valid expensive 25,000 Gems
Valid failure 50,000 Tokens
Valid mushy 25,000 Tokens
Valid skyhigh 2,000 Air Tokens
Valid dragons 1,000 Tokens
Valid fail2 1,000 Tokens
Valid moar 1,000 Tokens
Valid bigfail 500 Tokens
Valid fail 500 Tokens
Valid morecoins 500 Tokens
Valid scary 500 Tokens
Invalid spooky 500 Tokens
Valid 1mil 300 Tokens
Valid freepet 300 Tokens
Valid russo 250 Tokens
Valid frozen 200 Tokens
Valid lag 200 Tokens
Valid pets 150 Tokens
Valid oops 150 Tokens
Valid wings 2,000 Air Tokens
Valid fail3 10,000 Gems
Valid cloudy 3,000 Gems
Valid outage 500 Gems
Valid outage2 2,000 Tokens
Vaild hats 500 Gems
Valid hats2 500 Gems
Valid gemz 250 Gems
Valid moregems 250 Gems
Valid halloween 25 Gems
Valid spoopy 25 Gems
Valid gravy 500 Coins
Valid sorry 500 Coins
Valid cool 100 Coins
Valid sweet 100 Coins
Vaild 1ize 500 Total Scoops
Valid boost 500 Total Scoops
Valid thankyou 1 Rebirth
Valid wowee 5 Rebirths
Valid fairy 2 Rebirths
Valid gacha 25,000 Gems
Valid holymoly 50,000 Tokens
Valid newareas 25 Super Rebirths
Valid aquatheme 15,000 Candy Canes
Invalid coldegg 15,000 Candy Canes

If you find a code on this list twice, fake, or any other reason, feel free to remove it and replace a real code if it's not on the list yet! The code list will be organized and made in alphabetical order soon. If you find an invalid code, please mark it invalid or delete it.

Please follow these notes for maximum benefit of the wiki...

  • Make sure the reward is correct

It's easy to mistake tokens for coins, gems for total scoops, etc... Please make sure you have the correct currency and amount for the rewards

  • Organization

The list is sorted in a way that makes it easier and simpler to read. First goes tokens, then air tokens, gems, coins, total scoops and finally rebirths. In these categories, the largest amount goes first following the smaller amount. If 2 codes give the same reward, they are sorted alphabetically with numbers and symbols going before letters.

  • General Correctness

Make sure the code is written correctly with capitals only if necessary as the code checker is case sensitive. Please make sure that no two codes are the same

Thanks for reading and acknowledging the notes and making the wiki a better place for everyone! 😀