Hats are accessories that help you multiply your lick speed, making it faster to get total scoops. It also gives a cool hat on your avatar for which hat you use. There are currently 80+ hats in Ice Cream Simulator so far, being 10 hats in each crate tier. (Except for mythical, winged crates, and magical crates. Those tiers have 15+ hats in each.)

This is a list of all of the crate tiers, showing the cost of each copy, rarity, and where to get the hats at.

Certain Hats may also increase your scoops per lick although this hidden stat is not shown.

Rarity Cost Where At
Common Hats 10,000 Gems Hats Land
Uncommon Hats 25,000 Gems Hats Land
Rare Hats 50,000 Gems Hats Land
Legendary Hats 100,000 Gems Hats Land
Mythical Hats 200,000 Gems Hats Land
Winged Hats 400,000 Air Tokens Sky Land
Magical Hats 2,000,000,000 Gems Hats Land
Winged Christmas Hats 4,000,000,000 Air Tokens Freezeville
Dark Hats 50,000,000,000 Air Tokens Underworld
Winter Hats 25,000 Candy Canes Winter Land
New Year Hats 50,000,000 Candy Canes New Year Zone

Here's the list of all the hats that have been listed since update 9. Here's also a list of all of the hats for every rarity total.

Type Amount of Hats
Winter Hats 20 Hats
Dark Hats 15 Hats
Winged Christmas Hats 15 Hats
Magical Hats 15 Hats
Winged Hats 35 Hats
Mythical Hats 15 Hats
Legendary Hats 10 Hats
Rare Hat 10 Hats
Uncommon Hats 10 Hats
Common Hats 10 Hats
New Year Hats 17 Hats discovered by the wiki

New Year Hats

Hat Speed Image
Fool of the Federation x0.45
Screenshot 42
Brilliant Moon and Stars x0.445
Capture 2
Sinister Branches x0.439
Screenshot 41
Horns of the Creature x0.434
Screenshot 40
Black Iron Branches x0.429
2019 Crown x0.425
Screenshot 54
Golden Horns of The Dread King x0.419
Screenshot 51
2019 New Year's Hat x0.415
Screenshot 46
New Years Doge x0.41
Screenshot 49
2018 New Years Shades x0.405
Screenshot 55
Nyquist the Champion Horse x0.399
Screenshot 48
Raig Tree x0.397
Screenshot 47
Rockin' Headrow x0.395
Screenshot 52
Radical Round Shades x0.392
Screenshot 53
New Years Kitty x0.385
Screenshot 50

Winter Hats

Hat Speed Image
Glistening Golden Crown x0.489
Screenshot 74
S'mores Fedora x0.483
Antler Headphones x0.479
Festive Tree Star Topper x0.472
North Pole Top Hat x0.465
Screenshot 73
Ornamental Antlers x0.39
Papercraft Snowman Head x0.383
Noob Assist Gingerbread Gratitude x0.379
Treasure Hoard Fedora x0.373
Steampunk Snowman x0.368
Neon Party Crown x0.363
A Santa For All Seasons x0.358
Reindeer Antlers x0.352
Tough Guy Santa x0.348
Fantasy Elf x0.343
Dark Chocolate Top Hat x0.338
Halloween Unicorn Head x0.332
Joyful Bell Helmet x0.329
Happy Red Robot x0.323
B. W. Duckington x0.319
B. W. Duckington
Chocolate Business Top Hat x0.312
Buxsplosion x0.307
Dr. Crazybot x0.3
Capture 3
Noob Locator Top Hat x0.297
Kid Robot x0.294

Winged Christmas Hats

Hat Speed
Christmas Wreath x0.1085
Blue Winter Cap x0.1093
Snowchet Cap x0.1099
Beary Chilly Baseball Cap x0.115
Stone Cold Viking x0.118
Arctic Fox Head x0.12
Santa Headphones x0.125
Frozen Horns of the Frigid Planes x0.13
Dominus Nix x0.145
Winter Bowler x0.15
Mid Winter Top Hat x0.155
Snow Queen Hood x0.16
Snowflake Headphones x0.165
Angry Snowman Head x0.17

Magical Hats

Name Sell Value Lick Speed Image
Robot Wizard 18,750 Gems x0.1015
Dark Wizard's Hat of Gloom 17,500 Gems x0.1
Midnight Sorcerer 16,250 Gems x0.0997
Banana Wizard 15,000 Gems x0.0992
Mushroom Wizard Hat 13,750 Gems x0.0988
Sun Wizard 12,500 Gems x0.0983
Wizards of the Astral Isle Headphones 11,250 Gems x0.0979
Tie Dye Wizard 10,000 Gems x0.0973
Devilish Wizard 8,750 Gems x0.0969
Spring Wizard 7,500 Gems x0.0965
Green Wizard Hat of Vitae 6,250 Gems x0.0961
Summer Wizard 5,000 Gems x0.0959
Deep Forest Wizard 3,750 Gems x0.0957
Wizard's Apprentice 2,500 Gems x0.0955
Apprentice Wizard Hat 1,250 Gems x0.095
Apprentice Wizard Hat

Winged Hats

Name Sell Value Lick Speed Image
Dominus Gladius 34,200 Gems x0.0987
Golden Mechaknight Wings Unknown x0.0982
Dominus Calcus 33,250 Gems x0.0975
Knight of the Splintered Skies Mage Apprentice 29,450 Gems x0.0964
Dominus Aquos 28,500 Gems x0.096
Sunfire Wings 27,550 Gems x0.0955
Sunfire Wings
Dominus Empyreus 19,000 Gems x0.095
Dominus Empyreus
Noramros the Hero's Hero 26,600 Gems x0.0945
Noramros the Hero's Hero
Moonglow Wings 25,650 Gems x0.094
Moonglow Wings
Greyson the Spiny Forked 24,700 Gems x0.0935
Greyson the Spiny Forked
King of the Cactai 23,750 Gems x0.093
King of the Cactai
Lion Fish Wings 22,800 Gems x0.0925
Lion Fish Wings
Redcliff Elite Knight Noble Lightning Force 21,850 Gems x0.092
Redcliff Elite Knight Noble Lightning Force
Technowings 20,900 Gems x0.0915
Gold King of the Night 19,950 Gems x0.091
Gold King of the Night
Ice Wings 18,050 Gems x0.09
Celestial One 17,100 Gems x0.0895
Celestial One
Commander Dove 16,150 Gems x0.089
Commander Dove
Winged Headphones of Beautiful Music 15,200 Gems x0.0885
Winged Headphones of Beautiful Music
Wings of the Future 14,250 Gems x0.088
Egyptian Mummy Wings 13,300 Gems x0.0875
Egyptian Mummy Wings
Silver Helmed Hero 12,350 Gems x0.087
Golden Winged Warrior 11,400 Gems x0.0865
Golden Winged Warrior
Knights of the Splintered Skies: Winged Messenger 10,450 Gems x0.086
Knights of the Splintered Skies Winged Messenger
Slimy Eye Ball Top Hat 9,500 Gems x0.085
Slime Eye Ball Top Hat
Striped Hat 8,550 Gems x0.0845
Striped Hat
Violet Mindwings 7,600 Gems x0.084
Violet Mindwings
Redcliff Winged Ninja Knight 6,650 Gems x0.0835
Redcliff Winged Ninja Knight
Raeglyn's Winged Blindfold of Justice 5,700 Gems x0.083
Raeglyn's Winged Blindfold of Future
Winged Scientist of the Future 4,750 Gems x0.0825
Winged Scientists of the Future
Winged Helmet 3,800 Gems x0.082
Winged Helmet
Hat-Eating Hat 2,850 Gems x0.0815
Hat-Eating Hat
Saint Patrick's Sparkling Top Hat 1,900 Gems x0.08
Saint Patrick's Sparkling Top Hat
Frankenstein Top Hat 950 Gems x0.0795
Frankenstein Top Hat

Mythical Hats

Name Sell Value Lick Speed Image
Counterfeit Domino Crown 12,000 Gems x0.084
Counterfeit Domino Crown
Rainbow Fedora 11,200 Gems x0.083
Rainbow Fedora
Sparkle Time Traffic Cone 10,400 Gems x0.082
Sparkle Time Traffic Cone
Memento Mori 9,600 Gems x0.081
Memento Mori
Masked Hood of the All Hallows Warlock 8,800 Gems x0.08
Masked Hood of the All Hallows Warlock
Mr. Fancy Skeleton 8,000 Gems x0.079
Mr. Fancy Skeleton
Overseer's Eye 7,200 Gems x0.078
Overseer Eye
Emo King 6,400 Gems x0.077
Emo King
Zombie Doge 5,600 Gems x0.076
Zombie Doge
Tasteless Top Hat 4,800 Gems x0.075
Tasteless Top Hat
Azure Pinstripe Fedora 4,000 Gems x0.074
Azure Pinstripe Fedora
Steampunk Samurai 3,200 Gems x0.073
Steampunk Samurai
Cookie Clicker Crown 2,400 Gems x0.072
Cookie Clicker Crown
Silver King of the Night 1,600 Gems x0.071
Silver King of the Night
Lucky Doge 800 Gems x0.07
Lucky Doge

Legendary Hats

Name Sell Value Lick Speed Image
Nuclear Sombrero 4,000 Gems x0.059
Nuclear Sombrero
Robotron 9000 3,600 Gems x0.058
Bright Star Top Hat 3,200 Gems x0.057
Bright Star Top Hat
Dark Skeleton Crown 2,800 Gems x0.56
Dark Skeleton Crown
The Stranger 2,400 Gems x0.055
The Stranger
Ruby Eye 2,000 Gems x0.054
Ruby Eye
Wizard of Time, Of All Times 1,600 Gems x0.053
Wizard of Time, Of All Times
Dice Crown 1,200 Gems x0.052
Dice Crown
Horns of Frozenfaic 800 Gems x0.051
Horns of Frozenfaic
Adurite Crown 400 Gems x0.05
Adurite Crown

Rare Hats

Name Sell Value Lick Speed Image
Periastron Crown 2,000 Gems x0.065
Periastron Crown
Psychedelic Top Hat 1,800 Gems x0.064
Psychedelic Top Hat
Summer Hat 1,600 Gems x0.063
Summer Hat
Beach House Fedora 1,400 Gems x0.062
Beach House Fedora
Ace of Hearts 1,200 Gems x0.061
Ace of Hearts
Griffin Warrior 1,000 Gems x0.06
Griffin Warrior
Mad Cow 800 Gems x0.059
Mad Cow
Omega Rainbow Fedora 600 Gems x0.058
Omega Rainbow Fedora
Pig with Aviators 400 Gems x0.057
Pig with Aviators
Sophisticated Seagull 200 Gems x0.056
Sophisticated Seagull

Uncommon Hats

Name Sell Value Lick Speed Image
Time Keeper's Topper 1,000 Gems x0.049
Time Keeper's Topper
A Dangerous Gentleman 900 Gems x0.048
A Dangerous Gentleman
Wall Street Bowler 800 Gems x0.047
Wall Street Bowler
Galaxy Adventurer 700 Gems x0.046
Galaxy Adventurer
Black & White Top Hat 600 Gems x0.045
Black & White Top Hat
Mean Green Top Hat 500 Gems x0.044
Mean Green Top Hat
Grasshopper Topper 400 Gems x0.043
Grasshopper Topper
Golden Roman Warrior 300 Gems x0.042
Golden Roman Warrior
ROBLOX U Top Hat 200 Gems x0.041
Party Giraffe 100 Gems x0.04
Party Giraffe

Common Hats

Name Sell Value Lick Speed Image
ROBLOX Warriors Football Helmet 500 Gems x0.039
Roblox Warriors Football Helmet
Cheese Hat 450 Gems x0.038
Cheese Hat
Cheetar 400 Gems x0.037
Mr. Robot 350 Gems x0.036
Mr. Robot
Beary Ridiculous Baseball Cap 300 Gems x0.035
Beary Ridiculous Baseball Cap
Sleepy Mouse Cap 250 Gems x0.034
Sleepy Mouse Cap
Melon Head 200 Gems x0.033
Melon Head
Paper Crown 150 Gems x0.032
Paper Crown
Punk Kid 100 Gems x0.031
Punk Kid
Cap of Dreamers 50 Gems x0.03
Cap of Dreamers