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Game News
A new game made by am_brick is going to release called Ice Cream Simulator: Z. If you don't know what this game might be about, this game will be about eating, licking ice cream as usual but with a twist: you have to protect a secret formula, the Scoops Ahoy, from monsters! You will have a main weapon, a blaster, to shoot your enemies. Game Passes that you owned in the last game will transfer to Ice Cream Sim. Z as well as new game passes to buy! To favorite the game and look for new updates on the game, click here to favorite the game and here to follow am_brick on Twitter for upcoming news.

(Note: We do not know when the game will come out, please don't tell us or am_brick.)

(Note 2: This wiki will be kept so that users will be able to find information on both the original Ice Cream Simulator and Ice Cream Simulator Z. Another wiki will not be made.)

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