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The goal of the Ice Cream Simulator Wiki is to provide information to new and returning players of Ice Cream Simulator. Ice Cream Simulator was developed by Buck-A-Boo (a Roblox group).

Thanks for everything you have done, if you're an editor, a player or even just here for some info I'd like to thank you all for using the Wiki!

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Game News
📕 Update 21! 1/11/2019
  • ❄️ 3 New areas in New Years Zone!
  • 🐾 2 New Pet Eggs in New Years area!
  • 🔍 New Mystery Egg #2 in Mystery Egg Shop!
  • 🥚 Tier 11 Egg Pops in Winter Zone!
  • 🎩 5 New Hats in New Years Hat Crate!
  • 🍦 2 New Flavors, Cones and Popsicles!

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