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Legendary hats can be obtained by opening the legendary gift box at Hats Land

Name Sell Value Lick Speed Image
Nuclear Sombrero 4,000 Gems x0.059
Nuclear Sombrero.png
Robotron 9000 3,600 Gems x0.058
Bright Star Top Hat 3,200 Gems x0.057
Bright Star Top Hat.png
Dark Skeleton Crown 2,800 Gems x0.56
Dark Skeleton Crown.png
The Stranger 2,400 Gems x0.055
The Stranger.png
Ruby Eye 2,000 Gems x0.054
Ruby Eye.png
Wizard of Time, Of All Times 1,600 Gems x0.053
Wizard of Time, Of All Times.png
Dice Crown 1,200 Gems x0.052
Dice Crown.png
Horns of Frozenfaic 800 Gems x0.051
Horns of Frozenfaic.png
Adurite Crown 400 Gems x0.05
Adurite Crown.png