This is the area you spawn in. It includes a portal to Sky Land, obbies, the hat shop, a store and sell place, and 2 quests. Coins, gems, and tokens spawn here. There is also a choco castle in the normal area, where the Fat Prince resides. You need 2000 scoops to enter.


Name Total Scoops
Midnight Obby 500
Slime Obby 1000
Cookie Obby 1000
Poltergeist Obby 3000
Spooky Obby 3000
Oktober Obby 5000
Demonic Obby 7500
Ghostly Obby 7500
Toy Obby 15,000
Jungle Obby 40,000
Horror Obby 50,000
Terror Obby 75,000
Nightmare Obby 100,000
Mischief Obby 200,000
Doom Obby 350,000
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