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Obbies are obstacles that have a certain and different format from times that gives you a prize when you complete it in Ice Cream Simulator. These are the list of all the obbies. All of the obbies listed are from the oldest obby to the newest.

Name Requriements Rewards
Cookie Obby 1,000 Total Scoops Cookie Cone
Spooky Obby 3,000 Total Scoops Pumpkin Flavor
Ghostly Obby 7,500 Total Scoops Ghost Flavor
Toy Obby 15,000 Total Scoops Teddy Flavor
Jungle Obby 40,000 Total Scoops Coconut Flavor
Midnight Obby 500 Total Scoops Spider Flavor
Slime Obby 1,000 Total Scoops Webbed Flavor
Poltergeist Obby 3,000 Total Scoops Ghost Flavor
Oktober Obby 5,000 Total Scoops Oktober Cone
Demonic Obby 7,500 Total Scoops Demon Bat Cone
Horror Obby 50,000 Total Scoops Spooky Apple Flavor
Terror Obby 75,000 Total Scoops Tumble Fruit Flavor
Nightmare Obby 100,000 Total Scoops Fire Alarm Flavor
Mischief Obby 200,000 Total Scoops Hot Fire Flavor
Doom Obby 350,000 Total Scoops Dew Flavor
Sky Tower Obby Level 1 400,000 Total Scoops Sky Berry Flavor
Sky Tower Obby Level 2 425,000 Total Scoops Sugar Berry Flavor
Sky Tower Obby Level 3 450,000 Total Scoops Choco Berry Flavor
Sky Tower Obby Level 4 475,000 Total Scoops Lime Berry Flavor
Sky Tower Obby Level 5 500,000 Total Scoops Lemon Berry Flavor
Fire Pit Obby 800,000 Total Scoops Essence Of Fire Flavor
Water Cave Obby 1,000,000 Total Scoops Essence Of Water Flavor
Secret Forest Obby 2,000,000 Total Scoops Essence Of Nature Flavor
Solar Temple Obby 3,000,000 Total Scoops Essence Of Light Flavor
Sky Fairy Obby 4,000,000 Total Scoops Tooth Fairy's Elixir Flavor