Ice Cream Simulator Wiki
  • Quests are missions you can do to claim rewards.
  • The first quest you can find in the choco castle. He is called Prince servant. In his quests, you need to eat a specific amount scoops.
  • The next 2 Quest people are located at the obbies from the Halloween event ones called Dracula and the other is called Frankenstein. In Draculas quest you will need to get a specific amount of coins (Not the ones you sell.) Same with Frankenstein but with tokens.
  • The difficulty of the quests rank up depending on how many Quests you did (If you did 10 Frankenstein Quests and 5 Dracula quests the Frankenstein Quests will be harder.)
  • The Halloween portal is gone, so Frankenstein and Dracula have been moved into the main world.
  • Quests are almost useless as they barely give you any coins
  • There used to be a quest giver called Dark Giver, he was in the Underworld for 12 hours on December 7 (12:00 Midnight - 12:00 Noon EST) and his hardest quest was, "Eat 1qd Ice Cream scoops." The only Roblox player confirmed to do this was a person named SmashRoyale3, one of the best players in-game.
  • Each quest you do from the same person you got the previous quest from, the coin amount increases.