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Toy Land is an area that came out on Update 15 on Ice Cream Simulator. The portal is located in the spawn area right beside the underworld portal. It requires you to have a minimum of 300,000 rebirths in order to enter.


In Toy Land, there are a total of 6 chests. 4 chests that require 450 Million scoops in order to unlock and 1 chest that requires 10 keys hidden across the area and 1 chest that requires you to scoop walls that have a certain amount of HP. There is only 1 Egg Pop machine that costs 900K gems and 1 Pet Gachapon that costs 125B tokens. Unfortunately, as of right now there are no areas where you can sell your coins/tokens/gems and air tokens.

Location of all the keys.

It's my first time doing these so I'm sorry if the pictures are really bad.

Done by: Duesday