Ice Cream Simulator Wiki

Toy Hats can be obtained in the Toy Hat Crate, this is in Winter Zone, each hat can be obtained in the amount of 25K Candy Canes or 1,500 Robux.

Hat Name Lick Speed
Glistening Golden Crown x0.489
S'mores Fedora x0.483
Antler Headphones x0.479
Festive Tree Star Topper x0.472
North Pole Top Hat x0.465
Ornamental Antlers x0.39
Papercraft Snowman Head x0.383
Noob Assist Gingerbread Gratitude x0.379
Treasure Hoard Fedora x0.373
Steampunk Snowman x0.368
Neon Party Crown x0.363
A Santa For All Seasons x0.358
Reindeer Antlers x0.352
Tough Guy Santa x0.348
Fantasy Elf x0.343
Dark Chocolate Top Hat x0.338
Halloween Unicorn Head x0.332
Joyful Bell Helmet x0.329
Happy Red Robot x0.323
B. W. Duckington x0.319
Chocolate Business Top Hat x0.312
Buxplosion x0.307
Dr. Crazybot x0.3
Noob Locator Top Hat x0.297
Kid Robot x0.294