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Winter Zone

How do I get there?

RobloxScreenShot20181217 121918133.png

You need 1,000,000 Rebirths to enter this Zone,

you can find it next to the Toyland Portal

How do I get Candy Canes?

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Thee are 3 things on how to get Candy Canes:

  1. Get daily candy canes by Santa.
  2. Destroy presents to get more candy canes.
  3. Buy it with robux.

To get more candy canes, you must have a lot of super rebirths.

Behind the "Buy Candy Canes" board, there is a Super Rebirth board with 1k > 100k Super Rebirths.

What can I get there?

3 things:



3.Egg Pops


There are 4 Gifts that you can open and 1 that you can collect


1. The 100M Gift

its the best one to AFK farm Candy Canes


2. The 1B Gift


is the worst one

3. The 250M Gift

its ok you need 10b Total Scoops to enter the zone and beeing able to open the gift

RobloxScreenShot20181224 154320345.png

4. The 700M Gift

if you need fast a huge amount of Candy Canes its the best of all You need 50B Total Scoops to enter the Zone


5. The Free Gift

its spawning random somewhere and gives you the same amount as the 100M Gifts